20 Sep

The creation of SUM FUN

So how did it all begin? Well it was during the spring of 2014 whilst on a weekend break in Devon that it all started. The Eureka moment came whilst I was playing Scrabble with my friends and family.

My friends and I were all accountants by trade and after a few games it became very evident that the accountants did not fare so well in a game of Scrabble! I started thinking to myself how different the outcome might be if the game we were playing was numbers based instead.

That got me thinking… Apart from Sudoku I don’t ever recall playing a “numbers” based game, perhaps there is an obvious gap in the market here? After some extensive research it became apparent that actually – there are very few numbers based games on the market. I found this very surprising when you consider numbers are so universal and used extensively in everyday life.

I therefore set about to devise a numbers based game as soon as I could. I wanted to use tiles for the game and so I started experimenting with various number and symbol combinations on pieces of paper. It was no easy task and it took a great deal of time to work out the best mix of tiles and devise a set of rules for the game. For the game to be “fun to play” I felt it was absolutely essential that it should be quick to play and action-packed. To do this I thought it was necessary to move away from the traditional approach of having to take turns which is commonplace in most board games.

I eventually settled on some rules and then ordered some blank plastic tiles and using a marker pen I marked the tiles with numbers and symbols. Once complete I thought that’s it – I now have a game we can actually play! I took the game away on holiday and we played it with friends and family and everybody had great fun. The feedback was very encouraging and therefore I started to wonder if others would perhaps also enjoy playing the game.

Without further ado, I set about trying to make this happen. It was only at this stage did the commercial reality of it all start to sink in. There were so many new things to think about and all of a sudden the road ahead looked a little daunting. What did I call the game? How should the game be packaged? Where do I get the game made? How much will it cost? How much will I be able to sell it for? How am I going to market it? What about the legal aspects such as trademarking the product?

I originally wanted the game to be called SUM-IT! However, after consultation it became clear I would need a new name as this could potentially cause some trademark issues with existing products. I felt like I had failed at the first hurdle and it was a frustrating start! Then after much deliberation I settled on the short and snappy name “SUM FUN”. Looking back now I believe the original setback was actually a good thing because the revised name does work better. It really does encapsulate everything you need to know about the game in two key words.

It took some time to get through the trademarking process and I was relieved once the trademark was eventually approved. With the trademark in place I continued working on the development of the packaging and tiles for the game. It was definitely much more enjoyable playing around with the creative rather than legal aspects of the game! I wanted to use bright colours that are fun and eventually settled on the use of a Cyan Blue theme throughout and hope you like it?

What I have come to realise during this whole process is just how much time and effort must be invested into an idea like this – even to get it off the ground! I have no idea whether or not it will be a success but I think I have enjoyed trying to “make it happen” anyway! It’s been a big learning curve and I would like to thank everyone who has helped me out along the way.

The game is now ready for launch I hope you enjoy playing it.

Go ahead and have “SUM FUN”!



Image designed by Freepik