04 Jan

Sum Fun Update: Oct – Dec 2015

So since our launch in October 2015, what’s been happening in the exciting world of SUM FUN?


November 2015

  • SUM FUN carries out its first SUM FUN workshop at a local Primary school.
  • The response from teachers, maths leaders and children is fantastic and SUM FUN is used as part of a maths lesson for the first time!
  • SUM FUN receive a fantastic video reviewhttps://youtu.be/PI8Iwdm12VI
  • As word spreads SUM FUN is sold to various local schools and Parent Teacher Associations.
  • To grow the business and cope with demand SUM FUN appoints a Business Development Manager.


December 2015

  • Due to strong demand SUM FUN open their new online store.
  • SUM FUN gets sociable and launch on Twitter and Instagram.
  • SUM FUN prepare for their first exhibition.
  • Our first retail agreement is struck – we are in the shops for the first time!


We will be back in April with our next SUM FUN update, where we will have some more exciting news on developments during the last few months!