Matching sum numbers

  1. Lay all the number tiles face up on a flat surface
  2. Ask the child to pick up all the tiles for a certain number
  3. Repeat the process for each number until each tile has been sorted into piles of each number

Sum thing is missing

  1. Arrange a number of sums with missing numbers or symbols
  2. Provide a pile of the missing tiles and ask the child to fill in the missing gaps
  3. This can be made harder by leaving more tiles out and not providing the missing tiles i.e. the child has to pick the correct tiles from all remaining tiles

Fun with sums

  1. Give the child a pile of numbers and symbols (appropriate to their age group)
  2. Ask the child to create as many sums as they can with their tiles

Sum it up

  1. Pick out one equals tile
  2. Lay all remaining tiles faced down on a flat surface
  3. Pick out 10 random tiles (they can be split between number and symbols tiles however you want)
  4. Turn all 10 tiles over
  5. See how many of the tiles you can use to create a sum
  6. This can be played individually or against others using the same tiles. Why not set a time limit to keep the game moving quickly?

Sum Fun Time Trial Challenge

  1. Lay all tiles face down on a flat surface
  2. Select 10 tiles at random and start a timer
  3. Try to use up all the tiles as quickly as possible making sums in the usual way
  4. Every time you create a sum pick up 2 – 5 tiles, depending on how difficult you want to make the game
  5. Play the game on your own or as a team



“As well as having fun making sums, we used the game to help with our son’s homework”

The Dawson Family

“We have been having Sum Fun with numbers – that proves Maths can be ace!”

Emma Weiss

“It was the game of choice on holiday for the kids several times over and the adults all found it pleasantly brain curdling”

Alex Hendra

“It inspired my daughter to write her own maths quiz!”

Carey Ann Dodah

“I love the simplicity of this game, the rules are straightforward and it’s very easy to pick up and play”

Joseph O'Donolly